Surface Treatments

..a surface is a surface is a surface need not apply……..


When it comes to the surface, things can really get critical.  Should your requirement call for a laser blocking coating or maybe an electrostatic dissipative, we offer anything from a simple hard coat to custom designed surface treatments.  All coating takes place in class 10000 clean room facilities with environmental controls.  Surfaces and their performance are critical.  Premature failure of surface performance can be devastating.  Monitoring of coatings properties throughout the process is critical.  We are able to validate the performance of the coating application by way of a multitude of performace testing methods including weatherometer.  Get it right with Top Glass.


Surface treatments and coatings


- Sizes of substrates from lens to 6’ x 10’

- All polymer types

- Prototyping to long run production

- Hard coatings, weatherable, anti-fog, anti-glare, ESD, frequency blocking, film application, mirror and reflective, and more available

- Toll coating services


Surface Treatments at TOP Glass Lightweight Shatterproof Windshields in Kansas City Missouri